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for the love of

Diane had a thing for Pez dispensers.  Her strawberry colored room was adorned with typical girly things.  Uncommonly though there was a shelf looping up in a long spiral on all four walls where her Pez dispensers lived.  They ranged from pop culture to just plain weird.  Ironically she disliked candy so the arsenal of dentist celebrations would have to wait.  She was known to sit in her room and silently enjoy her treasure.

Out in the world she found people made her feel awkward.  They were tricky in ways she wasn’t equipped to understand. The Pez familia was always familiar.  Predictable.   Bright.  Thought givers.  The stories each of them carried would take her to the amusement park in her mind.  Other parts of her mind were more dangerous and unknown for now.  

Until she met Ray. He was a local boy with a passionate love for sweets. This was his pleasure as well as downfall. First firing was at the doe doe donut shop. Caught powdered sugar handed by Mr Wiggle bottom who had the same habits as ray but he was more sneaky about it himself. Next came another sugar delicatessen named Cookie’s cookies. The store was shaped just like a big cookie standing upright. Seating was limited inside and you had to hunch to use the bathroom. Form over function. Ray could only smile at his luck landing such a sweet job. He was the taste tester for Cookie who had a lot of cookie ideas for things not yet invented as far as he knew. Needless to say Ray was well fed and happy there. A few years and pants sizes later, cookie was getting up in years and the day had come that he had to let Ray go. It came about when his wife had suddenly awoken from her instagram coma and drowned in her shallowness. Cookie loved the idea of her instagram profile so much. She had put a lot of airbrush and effect filters and time into it, and there were a cornucopia of abbreviated emoji codes from her followers he saw as hieroglyphic kudos from an adjacent tribe that had a different drum set to his tambourines. Crushed by his loss, the inner drive and flaming imagination for cookies had died. Ray found him inconsolable.

Ray’s free ride to sugar town abruptly ending left him in a bad way. Just when he was considering some old gum under his desk at school to prop him up, a Pez dispenser fell from his classmate neighbor Diane’s hand. His eyes bulged when he saw the beautiful little caplets of sugar scatter out like so many gold coins to a banker. Diane saw the dispenser and gasped when it hit the floor. To keep them in pristine condition was a big part of the joy for her. She didn’t even see the candy as a loss.

They met on common ground when ray proclaimed his love for comics and spider man specifically which was the Pez dispenser dropped on that fateful day.  Ray ate his joy and Diane coveted hers.  For a long time both were happy together.  Till the Pez ran out.  Then the dentists rejoiced.

Silent nights

Silent nights and holy mornings

Changes come without warning

The illusion of stability and civility

Under that a brewing hostility

Financially brought about to humility

The value on cattle had started to rattle

Moo-ings and murmurings ignored by the king

Brought with it more time to let your heart sing

Not forced to be in the ring

What if this became the new thing?

All the unemployed boys rejoice?

The girls too come unglued

Repurposed for a different plow

Too early to say when things will go pow

Remember only you can dismember your fears

Our life given in moments not years

Even without stability there for us is utility

Get creative in finding it now

Nevermind the corrupt call us cows

Leave the bitch and moan and work on your vows

kin skinner

Sleepy warm grin then smile

His love for her always in style

If time was a foot, today looked like a mile

Your choice in how to use it

Curiosity guided pages confided

This geography had changing topography

Thrilled to see what could be

And never what might have been

That sight unseen

His view too keen

Why did people have to be so mean?

Chemical reactions to someones actions?

Brain synapses electrical clashes lead to crashes

So and so doesn’t like my eye lashes

No he’s a fascist

Long ago my last kiss

She’s a baptist

He tried to hack this

She listened to too much Johnny Mathis 

Don’t let people get under your skin

For they are your kin

Up to us to wear a grin

While committing a sin

Or trying to get thin

No one else holds the keys to your temper

Hard to believe you are the great inventor

Knowing this the way back to center

typical fashion

The day started in a typical fashion

Crickets chirping at work hard to bring the passion

People already afraid of their fellow man

Kicked up a few notches now the master plan

Even though we don’t where we land

Life has always been precious

And in some cases infectious

That’s is ok and how its supposed to work

Even if the strippers no longer getting paid to twerk

The temperature and the stocks show their numbers

Each indicators of man’s blunders

Eyes locked on one ignoring the other

Man didn’t get here without his mother

Distracted by the media instead of wikipedia

Too much time spent being greedy duh!

crows foot orderly

The orderly afforded me a nice smile

From the name tag clearly named Kyle

Crows feet said he’d been around for a while 

Outfits he wore no longer in style

Short staffed so to do list looked more like a pile

Some pittied him and said – “denial”

To them he gave raspberries and crocodile grins

Their own life too dim to see the shape his soul was in

No next of kin

So his clients and friends got the best of him

A little rest, then trim all the ledges

Only the crazy know where the ledge is 

digital mole

Time really is your master 

Couldn’t you move this along any faster?

Many of us want to be master blaster

Too much negative caster and not enough laughter

Internet fire hose to the face goes splatter

Digging a digital hole like a good little mole

Unable to find where you left your soul

Read this poll, tweet this roll, don’t use coal

The feeds like that of a mental chipper shredder

Kept you the bed wetter

Instead called a wage earner

Once school is out are you a crave learner?

Or a time burner

Up to us which way we lose

Curiosity working all set to peruse

card folder

Four of them out there

Could see them from here

Equipped with his gun outcome to him clear

Whatever they wanted, his mind haunted him

Name was Jim

No one left to care for him

Except for a monthly paycheck from sam

Society increasingly strange to see

Fast changing in their morals and values

When in service he had his pals too

Most followed the military metronome 

Around their dome a nice bead of weld

Onto someone else’s ideas they tightly held

The sharp edge of society 

Protecting our own soft underbelly

Grew up emulating cinderelly, and all that cliche 

Not handsome or beautiful no chance for free play

Frowned upon for not fitting in the mold

Temp decreasing some would say cold

When you get my age we’ll see who’s old

On your own dreams and ideas make sure to hold

Play your cards right you won’t have time to fold